The Crew debuts today and when you go to play, you'll be asked to download a day-one patch.

Ubisoft calls it a "small" patch but it offers a wide variety of tweaks and repairs.

Don't forget that The Crew is the first game from developer Ivory Tower and it's quite the ambitious project. Blending MMO and driving elements, it seeks to be an expansive racer with a large community. As for the patch, it tackles aspects in the following categories: Stability & Performance, Menus and HUD, PvP, DLC/ULC, Missions, and Online. You can see the full patch notes through the link above.

Let's hope this one enjoys a better launch than Driveclub .

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7 years ago

you its funny my friend mentioned this the other day which was the crew came out yesterday for us NZ but we'll see how this goes

happy gaming

7 years ago

I want this to do well because it seems to me most racing franchises tank it.

NFS Shift? Gone
Blur? Gone
Split Second? Gone
Criterion Studios (makers of Burnout)? Gone
Project Gotham? Gone
Ridge Racer didn't make a PS launch with PS4. First time ever.

Last edited by Temjin001 on 12/2/2014 9:03:41 PM

7 years ago

Criterion isn't technically gone BUT consider these facts.
The two co-founders left the company earlier this year.
70 people from the team left to form another company not affiliated with the founders.
The team that remains consists of 17 people.

They're gone as far I'm concerned.

7 years ago

Another day one patch, I love modern day video game…