So, who won the Black Friday console war?

Well, according to a study from retail analytics firm InfoScout , it wasn't the PlayStation 4. In fact, it was the Xbox One that dominated.

Apparently, Microsoft's new console comprised 53 percent of all consoles sold in stores on Black Friday while the PS4 was a distant second at 31 percent. The Xbox 360 was third with 9 percent, the Nintendo Wii U only managed 6 percent, and the PS3 came in at 1 percent. InfoScout's data came from 180,000 participants who were asked to send in pictures of their receipts from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, GameStop, and other stores.

Interestingly enough, 66 percent of participants said they purchased the console for their kids. Maybe this means out-of-touch parents just see more Microsoft ads, or everyone in this country still associates mainstream gaming with the Xbox brand…?