Time for another completely bonkers Call of Duty infographic.

Activision has released a new infographic chronicling the history of the super popular franchise since 2010, and the statistics are just plain nuts .

Feel free to check out the full infographic if you like; it's well worth a peek. One of my personal favorites is the overall amount of XP earned in less than four years: It comes to 1 quadrillion . Is that even a real number? Other stats include 125 million unique players, 16.1 billion boost jumps (no idea how you even count these), and 285 million loot items received. Yes, it's obvious that gamers have been playing the crap out of Call of Duty since 2010.

And thanks to the recent success of Advanced Warfare , it doesn't look like it'll die off any time soon.

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8 years ago

those statistics as usual are pritty crazy, hard to wrap ur mind around it

happy gaming

8 years ago

and those stats – were just me ….