So with the recent rumor that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4, this question is worth asking.

Chances are, nothing Square Enix does in the future will be totally exclusive so I wouldn't put much stock in that rumor. But whether it's exclusive or not doesn't matter; we want to know how big of an impact the game would have on the PS4 launch. Imagine if Versus XIII was available this year, right around the time Sony's new console hit store shelves…

Of course, that's not likely to happen but I'm wondering what kind of effect such a launch would have. I'm thinking Final Fantasy has lost much of its punching power this past generation, and I really don't think it holds the same "system-selling" potential it once had. Furthermore, as we still know virtually nothing about this particular piece of vaporware, we don't know what the gameplay will be like. If it was anything even remotely like the traditional FF mechanics, perhaps it would actually hit the gaming world like a ton of bricks and be a true-blue PS4-seller. If, on the other hand, it was just another example of how far the iconic franchise has fallen, I don't see how Versus XIII for the PS4 would help much.

If it was exclusive, I'm sure it would help a little. I still don't think that's going to happen but I imagine it has given loyal PlayStation fans something to smile about. Well, at least until the rumor gets shot down.

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