The world of Destiny just got a little more stylish.

If you purchased the Season Pass for downloadable content, you now have access to the new and improved Sparrow hoverbike. Dubbed the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow, this new version is faster and more agile than the older model.

In fact, this bad boy can actually take flight, and riders can even perform mid-air tricks (check out the video below). As developer Bungie wrote on its website :

"The EV-30 Tumbler features advanced modifications that bypass standard safety systems, disabling the stabilization and gyroscopic-force dampeners designed to keep you grounded."

If you've got the Season Pass, just visit the Postmaster and redeem your EV-30. Remember that it's only available for a limited time, but you can also snag it buy purchasing the upcoming expansion, The Dark Below, before January 15, 2015. C'mon, you know you gotta get this thing!