Everyone is eagerly anticipating the first public demo of Hideo Kojima's Fox Engine at the Game Developer's Conference next week.

In the meantime, the Metal Gear guru spoke about his goals for the new engine, and the kind of future that we can expect from new tech. In a series of Tweets translated by Kotaku , Kojima said the Fox Engine is going to be awfully special:

"The concept of the Fox Engine is photorealism. The age of fixating on pictures and sound in games is over. Now the questions are: How free is it? Does it connect to the internet and is the gameplay smooth? Even so, a certain level of realistic atmosphere is required. At Kojima Productions, we're aiming for a line where even simple CG models look photo-realistic when you zoom out of the game screen."

Kojima also spoke about the release of 1998's groundbreaking Metal Gear Solid , and reminded us that at the time, it was believed that the use of pre-rendered movies would disappear:

" We looked to the future and chose to have video sequences in the game that used polygon models instead of pre-rendered graphics. Now they make VFX movies with game engines. With Peace Walker, we tried a handheld system with the age of cloud technology. People laughed at us then, too. "

Finally, Kojima ended by saying that developers must continue to look forward to the future and not get bogged down by what all the corporations and "businessmen" want. That's a refreshing thing to hear amid giant publishers demanding yearly installments in rapidly stagnating franchises. One could never say that about Metal Gear , or anything that Kojima does, in truth. Guys like that would never let such a thing happen…would they?