Sorry, looks like the map-making fans will have to wait a bit.

Ubisoft has confirmed that the map editor in Far Cry 4 will not support competitive multiplayer levels when the anticipated sequel launches next week.

The news first appeared in the Ubisoft forums and since director Alex Hutchinson clarified on Twitter , there has been an outpouring of disappointment. Unfortunately, this feature just wasn't high enough on the priority list, as Hutchinson wrote:

"I direct the game but I don't set budgets or timelines. We always squeeze in as much as we can, but we're always prioritizing."

He did say they're going to "keep supporting the game" so multiplayer map-making support could be an option in the future. But Hutchinson makes "no promises" and adds that there are "millions of players" who only focus on the campaign. For Far Cry , that's probably true, but it's still upsetting to the more creative-minded map designers out there.

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6 years ago

I can see how people would like to create their levels and cause mayhem and I feel bad for those that will not be able to do it.

I, on the other hand will not use the map editor because I honestly don't have the time.

6 years ago

I see both sides. From one side I don't even know why you include a map maker that people basically can't use. No one is going to make a map for solo play.
On the other hand reality shows that 90% of people playing simply don't know how to make maps. What happens when you make a map that has holes in it and dead spots? Places where you can get hung up on the terrain, etc? There's a ton of minutiae that goes into making a good map (leaves, trees, water, obstacles, etc) and most people THINK they know how to make games but have no clue. We're simply not programmers.
And on the last hand (doesn't everyone have three hands?) they could have made one similar to Modnation where it allows you to start it and then auto-fills the rest but that wouldn't really create many interesting maps.

6 years ago

thats a little disappointing but not the end of the world. but having a map editor nun the less is a really nice feature to have i wonder how we go about sharing our creations with out friends

happy gaming

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