Okay, what developer doesn't like the PlayStation 4? Not that we're too interested in finding a debbie downer.

The latest big-name designer to praise Sony's new console is Irrational Games co-founder and Bioshock creator Ken Levine. He told GameSpot that he likes what he has seen thus far, and he appreciates the new PC-based architecture, which is what he calls "gamer-friendly."

"I have to sit back and think about the next-generation. Obviously, more memory, more power is always a good thing. I love the fact that Sony's architecture is now much more aligned with the architecture of the PCs and[…]I can't say about the Xbox, but I presume they're continuing in that direction.

That will make life a lot better for gamers because you won't have that sort of diversification of resources in the same way that you had to do to support the differences in the [current-generation platforms]. I don't mean Move vs. Kinect, I mean specifically the architecture underneath. So that's a positive."

Although he hasn't thought much about how he'll take advantage of the new systems, Levine said they will allow him to get all sorts of ambitious. And his goal will be to infuse greater detail into his productions and of course, more power will help in that capacity. Bioshock Infinite hits next week and there have been early reports that the console version isn't technically up to par with the PC version. So of course Levine likes the more PC-based PS4 architecture, right?