Most major developers and publishers are looking forward to the next generation and Deep Silver is no exception.

The company that will soon deliver Dead Island Riptide spoke about the possibility of bringing the popular franchise to the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's next-gen console. And the bottom line is that they want to look at "all the possibilities that are out there."

Deep Silver creative producer Alex Toplansky said "there's a lot of change going on right now" and really, it can be downright "exhausting." As for the future-

"We would be stupid to not be looking at all of the possibilities that are out there. We've been very lucky to have been able to create a sustainable community of people that are really into this game. It would be terrible for us and for them to ignore that, so of course we are looking at lots and lots of very exciting possibilities for the future."

He added that it would "irresponsible to raise expectations right now" but at the same time, series followers should definitely stay tuned. For the record, Deep Silver was not included on the list of companies supporting the PS4 right out of the gate but obviously, those 143 studios are just the start. And besides, if Riptide does well, there's no reason whatsoever why Dead Island wouldn't continue on into the new era.

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