It's retro fun to the max!

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Retro City Rampage: DX will make its PlayStation 4 debut on November 11. New PS3 and Vita versions will land on that day as well.

Cross Buy and Cross Save are supported for all three versions, and with a 20 percent PlayStation Plus launch week discount, you can snag all of 'em for only $7.99 ($9.99 without Plus). The title in question first released in 2012 and the latest version will include more checkpoints, tutorials, hint screens, and tweaked missions, along with other updates and improvements. In other words, as developer VBlank Entertainment says, it's "more than just a new coat of paint."

The DX upgrade was released on 3DS earlier this year, but it definitely deserves to be on more platforms. 8-bit goodness everywhere!

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8 years ago

haha looks funny could buy just for lolz everyy now and again don't know i would play it all the time though

happy gaming