The campaigns in Far Cry have always been the focal point.

That probably won't change with the new installment, but it'd be a mistake to discount the multiplayer. The designers have said multiple times they've worked very hard to create a fully robust and enjoyable set of multiplayer modes.

To drive home that point, here's a new "Battles of Kyrat" multiplayer trailer that shows off many of the mode's more promising features. There are three different modes: Outpost, where the Golden Path defends their outposts against the invading Rakshasa; Propaganda, where the Golden Path has to bomb three propaganda installations with the Rakshasa playing defense, and Demon Mask, where both sides fight to the death to obtain a mythical mask.

The multiplayer matches offer 5-on-5 action and they take about 20 minutes to play on average. There will be 10 maps available at launch, and we'll even get a map editor. See? Not bad, right?