Over the weekend, we learned that the "Big Alpha" test had to be delayed on PS4 .

This was due to network issues, presumably arising from the release of PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.00. Now, the alpha test is ready for Sony's console, but there are lingering problems.

As you can see at the game's official Twitter page , the test in question is currently available on PS4, and this alpha has been extended until November 4, 12 p.m. PST. Now, while most PS4 matches have been completed successfully, there are lobby/matchmaking and "world not defined" issues, both of which have been rearing their ugly heads.

Here's hoping you won't have a problem if you decide to try out the alpha. Evolve was supposed to launch this fall but was pushed into 2015 so developer Turtle Rock Studios would have more time to fine-tune and polish.

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6 years ago

got a code to try this really want to try it but been too busy with sunset overdrive!
sigh, why do developers have to release everything at the same time?
months of jack sh*t releasing, nothing releases.
oh 100 games are releasing in the next month, yep get it out, HURRY NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!!!
makes you feel guilty being invited and never trying it, makes you worry too it will have a mark against your profile and won't be invited next time.
oh well, if you opened up the beta on a week where theres not 100 of the years biggest games releasing, then there won't be this problem!