If you haven't played one of the more artistically inspired and satisfying games out there, now's the time.

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Sony has confirmed that the critically acclaimed "paint-throwing game," The Unfinished Swan , is coming to PlayStation 4 on October 28.

It will be available for $14.99 and it'll support the Cross Buy initiative as well, so you can grab the Vita version for free. Running at 1080p on PS4, this will undoubtedly be the definitive iteration of Giant Sparrow's production; just remember that Armature Studios ( Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate ) handled the PS4 and Vita installments. To learn more about the original game in question, check out our review .

Finding a path by tossing paint doesn't seem like a great idea for a video game, but this is beautifully done.

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