As time goes on, developers will have to leave the older consoles behind.

Lords of the Fallen is coming to next-gen consoles but not PS3 and Xbox 360, and Deck13 graphics and engine programmer Michele Giacolone explains the situation as follows:

The game just needed that extra graphical push, and as Giacolone told GamersFTW :

"We had to find our definition of next generation in terms of visual quality and scene complexity with basically no experience with the new hardware. This was a crucial phase because we had to base on that the new guidelines for artists and designers, affecting the whole content creation process. The more we progressed with porting our engine to the new consoles, the better we could adjust those guidelines trying to find the right balance of visual quality, scene richness, and performance. Moreover, in order to achieve the best performance on the new hardware, we decided to not maintain back compatibility with DirectX 9 and previous generation consoles."

Lords of the Fallen is an anticipated action/RPG where players are in a world where sin is forgotten. It's dark and promising, and we're hoping it turns out to be a diamond in the rough, you know? For more on the encouraging project, check out our recent preview .

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7 years ago

well all i can say is the game looks sick and its looks like these guys are doing a good job

happy gaming

7 years ago

Ya , this look great in all possible ways .Why i got it pre ordered and can t wait for it .I ll have just enough time to finish up The evil with in before jumping in this game .