The holiday season is just about upon us and if you don't own a next-gen console, you might feel left out.

So, if you're planning to get one, why not save a little cash in the process? Online retailer NewEgg is currently offering a new PlayStation 4 at eBay for only $359.99.

That's $40 lower than the standard $399.99 and don't worry, the shipping is free. They say they've only got a "limited quantity" of these units, though, so you should probably strike while the iron's hot. Over 400 have already been sold and the sale will run through Monday, October 27, or until the stock runs dry. This deal is for the standard black PS4 with no extra frills but hey, a sale is a sale.

You'll want it for great upcoming games like Assassin's Creed Unity , Dragon Age: Inquisition , Far Cry 4 and more.

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6 years ago

or for playing Evil Within, they'll probably want to consider that in buying that sale ps4.. haha lol

6 years ago

well who ever here who hasn't got one get this thats a major saving unless there might be one cheaper but some how i doubt it

happy gaming