The PlayStation 4 could certainly use a system-selling exclusive title.

Perhaps the first one will be From Software's Bloodborne , which should drop early next year.

The question is whether or not it has the far-reaching appeal that all system-selling games must have. There are several problems with this: Firstly, it's a new IP; it's not an established series like Gran Turismo or God of War . Of course, those in-the-know understand that it's created by Dark Souls studio From Software, which immediately makes the game intriguing. However, that knowledge is mostly shared by hardcore followers of the hobby and games that really move new hardware often have broader appeal.

Secondly, considering the niche following for the Dark Souls games – and in fact, any game that's brutally difficult – one wonders if such a production can have a big enough impact. Granted, the titles in question have often sold very well; they may be niche, but they've got an extremely loyal following. That same group should respond favorably to Bloodborne . However, I'm willing to bet that analysts aren't necessarily expecting a hefty spike in PS4 sales just because of Bloodborne 's release.

What do you think?

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