Avid Destiny players are fully aware of the super challenging Vault of Glass Raid.

It's all the more difficult if you attempt it on hard mode. Chances are, you've tried and failed, and maybe the final boss – Atheon – is the reason you failed.

Well, want to see that annoying enemy receive a hearty beat-down? YouTube user Bludrunk uploaded the following video, which shows him taking down Atheon in a ridiculous 17 seconds. It's not counting the amount of time necessary to actually reach the boss, nor does it count the time when Atheon is invincible. Even so, it's pretty damn impressive and apparently, it's all due to a clan called the Legendary Crew.

This team of six is comprised of three Sunsinger Warlocks and three Gunslinger Hunters. All of them, with the exception of one (who was Lv. 29), were Lv. 30, and four of the six used the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher. …that thing does some damage.