For those of you who prefer co-op multiplayer, you'll appreciate this new preview.

PlayStation Access has published a ten-minute gameplay video for Far Cry 4 , and it highlights the game's intense co-op action.

This is much more in-depth than the co-op that was available in Far Cry 3 , and players can access the entire game world rather smaller sub-territories. The presentation is pretty comprehensive; it displays swimming, driving, flying, and even riding an elephant. Also, don't forget that while co-op will of course be available on all platforms, PS3 and PS4 users with a PlayStation Plus subscription get a little bonus:

Plus peeps get ten invitations they can send to friends who don't yet own a copy of the game. Those gamers can test out a free trial version of the game's co-op mode, which is just plain sweet. Far Cry 4 will be ready to roll on November 18.

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8 years ago

I'm sure it is, but I personally prefer to play alone. Roaming those lands and attacking enemy bases by yourself adds a level of suspense and difficulty.

8 years ago

now this looks awsome i think that i will probs try to do this with one of mates that got a ps4

happy gaming