Yes, I'm aware that it sounds absurd. But is it possible ?

Most Kickstarter projects only ask for a few thousand or maybe a few hundred thousand dollars. It has proven to be a highly successful endeavor and it has resulted in a great many promising projects. So if Square Enix remains illogically and irrationally resistant to the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake, what if some ambitious developers and fans got together to see if they could make it happen?

Obviously, Square Enix would have to be involved in some capacity, right? You need the Final Fantasy licensing for the project, I'm sure. But if you got some old S-E developers, perhaps even a few who worked on FFVII and have expressed interest in returning to the game, what if they tried to Kickstart it? What do you think the response would be like? There's typically a set amount of time to gather the start-up money necessary; it's often a month or something like that. But you'd need several million for this project, wouldn't you? Is that impossible…? Maybe not.

It'd be very interesting to see how much a project like this could bring in from volunteer donations. Enough petitions have circulated over the past decade to indicate a gigantic amount of money coming into a Kickstarter campaign for a true FFVII remake. Of course, you need at least a few donors who have big-time resources and means, but who's to say those people won't show up to contribute? I'm sure it probably can't be done, but I see no harm in wishing. 😉

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