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Here's a question I've been struggling with for some time, basically ever since I played that "P.T." demo (the playable sample of Silent Hills ): Is there such a thing as too scary in the world of interactive entertainment?

What we're hearing from those who have played The Evil Within – at this point, I'm one of them, but I won't be spilling any beans here – is somewhat concerning. I mean, it's survival/horror so it's supposed to be frightening. That's kinda the point. But when do we finally throw up our hands and go, "okay, you win, don't wanna play anymore." I love a challenge and I love great atmosphere. Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is one of those horror masters who can elicit a big reaction from just about anyone. In other words, he's damn good at what he does.

Maybe too good.

There has to be a point where constant thrills and chills simply ceases to be entertaining. Fear is not normally a reaction we seek out or enjoy. The body and brain don't like to be scared. But of course, there's always this dark streak in everyone that reacts to the stimulus. They're scared but they get off on the rush it delivers and they actively seek the next rush. I'm just wondering what happens if their brain finally gives up and refuses to be terrified for the hundredth time in a row. And what will compel us to come back to the game after that point?

These are just psychological questions I've been pondering. Thought I'd toss them out there.

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