This is one of those frustrating "oops" moments.

Alien: Isolation just launched this week and despite some positive responses from critics, the terrifying experience isn't great for everyone.

That's because, as seen at the game's forums , users are reporting a big problem with the pre-order bonus missions: They can't seem to download the content in question. Sega is currently aware of the problem and they're working on it, so hopefully, they'll have this issue resolved before long. The downside for PlayStation fans is that this seems to be mostly affecting PS4 users.

Are you having trouble downloading that content if you pre-ordered the PS4 version? Alien: Isolation released on October 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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7 years ago

I haven't noticed any issues on my end. The game is absolutely terrifying. I'm going to be trying it out with an Oculus Rift this weekend when visiting friends. I can barely play with a monitor, I can't imagine how scary it will be with a headset. If I don't post again assume I've died.

7 years ago

"Absolutely terrifying"? That expression belongs to P.T.
A:I is just fun-scarry