Time to make a really fun game even more expansive.

A new content update for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition is now available, and it implements most of the same features PC players saw last year.

The 2.1.0 patch adds The Vault, a new area that can be accessed via portal, occasionally left behind by treasure goblins defeated in Adventure Mode. Inside, you'll find exceptionally great drop and a new boss, the Baroness Greed. Plus, the Greater Rifts have been added; this is a special, timed iteration of Nephalem Rifts. You can tackle as many as you like but at the end, you can either move on to the next (which will be a little tougher), or you can take a chance on upgrading your Legendary gems. The latter is another fresh addition, by the way.

You can also visit the Cesspools, which you'll find when playing through either the Nephalem Rifts or the Greater Rifts. There's even a Legendary item that lets you add sockets to a weapon that doesn't yet have any! For more, check out the full patch notes at the Battle.net forums .

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