It's true that so long as this remains an interactive medium, graphics will always play second-fiddle to gameplay.

However, for obvious reasons, we can't discount graphics, especially when the interactive experience in question relies so heavily on the visual. For example, consider the recent "P.T." demo – a brief playable teaser for the new Silent Hills – that was, for most, downright terrifying.

Now, consider that same L-shaped limbo-like level remade in Minecraft . Of course, hardcore fans have proven they can recreate just about anything in the world of Minecraft (here are 7 that will blow your mind ), but as you can see, there's something lost in translation here…

Thing is, this is kinda funny. Even cute. The demo on the PlayStation 4 was pretty much the exact opposite, which proves just how critical the visual element is in the horror genre.

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7 years ago

Heard about it, just only saw two cute Japanese girls being frightened in a pic. What does P.T. stand for anyway, "Playable Teaser?"

7 years ago

I think so Achillia.

The Minecraft demo made me think of the early Doom or Wolfenstein game lol 🙂