If you're looking to make a complex sport even more intricate, you have to download the new content update for UFC .

Just released, this free update adds two new fighters (Gunnar Nelson and Tim Kennedy), and offers plenty of gameplay improvements and more in-game animations.

You can check out the full list if you like; perhaps most prominent is Finish the Fight 2.0 and Guillotine Takedown Reversals. The former lets you finish off a staggered opponent in flashy fashion, while the latter lets players attempt a Guillotine submission while being taken down. There's also more general takedown variety, and more animations for fatigued kicks.

We said the latest UFC effort was decent but it was also somewhat frustrating. It's probably worth the effort for die-hard fans of the sport, though.

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8 years ago

It's always nice to get more free content, but I haven't gone back to this one since I got the belt for my 2nd weight class. It wasn't a terrible game, but I find it really annoying how you spend the entire career fighting randomized jobbers.
I literally went through the rankings as fast as is possible, since I didn't lose once. Yet still by the time you get to the top where all the actual non-randomized fighters are… they're already retired.

Last edited by Nerull on 10/4/2014 10:21:46 PM