Collectors, pay attention.

If you're a hardcore collector of gaming-related goodies, and you've got a bunch of money to spare, you gotta check out the latest from TriForce .

As 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios just announced, it's an epic and very expensive collectible: The Evolve: Goliath Premiere Scale Statue. This bad boy is 29 inches tall and weighs in at a whopping 35 pounds. This statue comes complete with LED effects built in, so it'll be truly fearsome! It will retail for $750 and they'll only produce 500, and then there's the special version – the Savage Goliath – that will go for $800, and only 150 of those will be made. They'll also only be sold at next week's New York Comic-Con.

Evolve is currently in development at Turtle Rock; it was initially supposed to launch in August but has since been pushed into 2015.

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7 years ago

This is ridiculous, it has no color, led's are not that expensive, and comparitive statues generally sell for around $250-$300 max.

For $750 I can get a life-size, detailed, quality, Darth Maul replica.

The goliath looks cool, but he'd have to be 6 feet tall to warrant that kind of money.

7 years ago

it would make a good garden gnome substitute