Sports fans always enjoy playing "What if?"

2K Sports just revealed a new trailer for the MyTeam Mode in the upcoming NBA 2K15 . Not dissimilar to the Ultimate Team Modes we find in the EA Sports titles, MyTeam lets players select an all-star team of b-ball players from all of history. The team improves over time, too.

In NBA 2K15 , the mode will feature a real-time auction house, and players will see a challenge mode that asks several "What if?" fantasy scenarios. The developers also intend to provide players with multiplayer and weekly challenges in MyTeam, and user-generated content will be part of the experience as well. Check out how the mode will operate in the video below; it looks perfect for die-hard fans of the sport.

NBA 2K15 will release on October 7 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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8 years ago

i have to say for a guy that doesn't play sports really at all this sounded very intreging

happy gaming