The PS2 trounced the competition. Nothing, including the Xbox, was even close. Sony's second console eventually became the best-selling video game system in history at over 150 million units sold worldwide.

But are those days gone for good? The PlayStation 3 has finally outstripped the Xbox 360 in terms of global sales count, but that's thanks mostly to Japanese and European sales. Microsoft's console definitely rules in this country; there may be no chance the PS3 can catch it. Although it might if sales continue to rise even after the PS4 is announced. Anyway, looking ahead, could the PS4 be a bigger seller in the US than the Xbox 720 (or whatever it'll be called)…?

These days, it's difficult to envision. Not only does Microsoft appear to have the casual gamer in its back pocket, there also seems to be much better advertising for Xbox products in this country. Sony has come on as of late, promoting various exclusives relatively well, but nowhere near as effectively – or as frequently – as Microsoft. Furthermore, as the Xbox has always specialized in Western-oriented software (and sadly, most people in this country don't care much about JRPGs anymore), it seems less and less likely that PlayStation will ever dominate in the US again.

But who knows? Crazier things have happened…