If you're a fan of all the action and strategy involved in war games, pay attention.

Japanese publication Famitsu reports (via Gematsu ) that Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War and Nightmare is headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PlayStation 3.

This is a new version of the 2007 real-time tactics title; upgrades include that new Nightmare section that takes place in a fantasy setting. The PS4 trailer also shows off a dragon, which is definitely a new addition, even though we don't know how the dragon will be involved in battles. Other fantasy enemies, such as goblins and cyclopes, will be involved as well.

For the time being, this new Bladestorm effort is only slated to arrive in Japan; it'll launch later this year. But it might come to the US at some point, you never know.

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8 years ago

well this could be good for the ps4 but i dunno for me though probably not my knda thing

happy gaming

8 years ago

I really enjoyed this back on the PS3, though it did seem a little…stretched with repeated battles in the exact same area, but the way you controlled your own little mini army and stuff was pretty fun.