Destiny comes out next week and the review scores will immediately go under the microscope.

But this is one of those times when you shouldn't concern yourself too much with those scores.

First, let me clarify something: There have been some rumors about Activision shipping the game late (Monday, September 8) to several major sources, which some gamers view as a bad sign. At the very least, they believe we'll see fewer reputable reviews right out of the gate. However, I received word I'd have my review copy by Friday and we're hardly a big source. This means plenty of critics will have all weekend and Monday to play Destiny and formulate an informed, cohesive opinion.

Now, as for why you shouldn't care too much: This is an online, shared-world experience that – according to Activision's own words – will span ten years. In other words, this will be an ever-evolving game that will receive continuous improvements and additions over time. Obviously, the game you see next week won't be a patch on what we should all be enjoying a few years from now. I still say reviewers should only offer "early impression" reviews at best, with the full understanding that the Destiny of today will not be the Destiny of tomorrow.

Also, let's not forget that 4.6 million people have already played the game. Sure, the full game will be bigger and better but let's face it, we get it. It's a multiplayer-oriented shooter in a big open universe. Yeah, got it. I think everyone knows precisely what to expect, and they don't need a review to tell them. My guess is that most will only want to know if the servers are operating properly, so they can actually play stress-free right off the bat. Besides that, gamers shouldn't be losing their sh** over any Destiny review score they see next week.

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