Presumably, the PlayStation 4 will launch later this year. A great many are anxiously anticipating its arrival.

But of course, all consumers must prioritize; all must say to themselves, "Okay, it has to have this and this or I'm not buying it on day one." So above all else, what is the one feature that will force your hand come launch? What is the one thing that will make you say, "Yeah, you know, I just can't wait"?

Interestingly enough, for maybe the first time in the PlayStation's history, "potential" may not be on everyone's lips. While developers will certainly grow more comfortable with the architecture as time goes on, the ease with which designers have taken to this new familiar hardware negates huge future leaps. Then again, maybe you're waiting for specific games to arrive…specific exclusives, perhaps? Ah, but what if some of those are available on launch day? We know Killzone: Shadow Fall is one and what if inFamous: Second Son is another? If Uncharted 4 showed up, holy crap, game over. Everybody will want a PS4 immediately.

But maybe you're more interested in another feature – or set of features – the PS4 boasts. We're hearing an awful lot about the greatness of the Dual Shock 4, for example, and you might be all sorts of psyched for that upgrade. Personally, I don't care much about the features revolving around multiplayer or social media, but I know I'm probably in the minority.

What about you?