If you missed out on the Vita and you own either the PS4 or PS3, you gotta try it.

Roll7's challenging yet addictive skateboarding game, OlliOlli , is now available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 . The game will be 10% off during its first week, and 20% off for PlayStation Plus members, so hop to it!

It will also feature Cross-Buy and Cross-Save support, so if you've already got it on the Vita, you can download it for free on either of Sony's aforementioned home consoles. It's important to note that while Roll7 produced the original Vita incarnation, developer BlitWorks handled the ports for PS3 and PS4 (they also delivered Spelunky to the Vita). They've made a few fixes and improvements, which gamers will appreciate.

We really enjoyed OlliOlli when it released for the Vita. It's a stiff challenge but it's loads of fun.

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8 years ago

This game took me back about 30 yrs…have it on the vita, having it on the ps4 will be a blast.

8 years ago

yeah i'm keen really like this game on the vita so i'll download this on the other 2 consoles as well.

happy gaming