The next step in interactive entertainment can be found in virtual reality, so says Sony.

The company's new VR initiative, Project Morpheus, is in the works for the new PlayStation 4 consoles. And Morpheus is such a huge advancement that it's "almost unfair," according to PlayStation Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida.

In speaking to The Verge , Yoshida says it's like nothing we've ever seen before:

"We have something here that we've never experienced before. Working on game development, we always try to create a new kind of experience, and having VR technology is almost unfair."

And this isn't just a whim. This isn't a, "gee, let's fiddle around with virtual reality" stance. This is a full-blown endeavor that Sony has invested a lot of time and money in, and they're awfully excited. Added Yoshida:

"For Sony Computer Entertainment, VR and Morpheus is one of the areas we are very excited about, like cloud gaming with PS Now, or other networked services. We're really focused on bringing that experience to consumers."

Yoshida did add that before they bring Project Morpheus to market, they'll have to have a wide assortment of compelling software. That has been a staple of Sony's approach as of late; they made similar comments pertaining to the PlayStation Vita and PS4. VR has never been received very warmly in the past but with new tech, you never know…