If you want it, you may as well pre-load.

The first downloadable content for Sucker Punch's well-received PlayStation 4 exclusive, inFamous: Second Son , will be available tomorrow. But Last Light is already available to pre-load on the North American PSN.

If you've pre-ordered the game on the Store, you can download the full game (around 6GB in size) and that download will be immediately unlocked at midnight, which means you can start playing the instant the new day arrives. This DLC stars Abigail Walker, also known as Fetch, who was a main character in the Second Son story. And don't forget that you don't actually need Second Son to play this DLC, as it's a standalone piece of entertainment.

Still, if you have a save file from the game, you'll unlock some extra content, such as the ability to use Delsin Rowe and his powers in the Arena Challenges. Have fun!

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