One might assume that given the advanced nature of the PlayStation 4 hardware, support for common formats like CD is just automatic.

But not so fast. According to Kotaku , Sony informed a Japanese journalist that the PS4 won't actually be able to play CDs or Super Audio CDs.

Well, CDs are starting to fall by the wayside along with other forms of physical media. And some are saying that the hardware in the PS4 actually can't play CDs for very sound technical reasons, although I'm not sure what those reasons are . If this is true, does this change your view of the PS4? Or maybe you just don't care; all the young'uns out there probably don't even use CDs, nor would they have any interest in putting a CD into the PS4. At the same time, it's just one of those WTF moments when you find out a fancy new piece of hardware can't do something the old Sony portable CD player could do twenty years ago.

I don't claim to understand it. I just report it.