The latest FIFA installment isn't far off now but if you want a peek, check this out.

It's a full 27 minutes of gameplay, as we get to watch a match between Liverpool and Manchester. This will show you just about everything you want to know about the new entry, and perhaps a dash extra.

EA says they're pulling out all the stops for this game, as they intend to take full advantage of the benefits of next-generation hardware. This will result in a better, more authentic all-around soccer experience. If you're in the US, you'll be seeing star Clint Dempsey on the cover, as the company announced previously . But really, what you care about is gameplay, 'cuz this is supposed to be a simulator.

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8 years ago

Looks muy bueno.

8 years ago

man i was just talk to a friend not too long ago and i know he'll be buying fifa 15 on his XB1

happy gaming