Even though Battlefield: Hardline and Evolve got pushed into 2015, there are still several high-profile shooters on the immediate horizon.

Some will argue that the holiday will come down to Destiny vs. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and that's probably accurate. But here's an argument supporting Bungie's anticipated title:

I believe that due to its MMO-style structure, Destiny can hook gamers for the long run. It's in that role-playing style of progression that gamers often lose themselves; it's what keeps them coming back for more. Sure, you can rank up and get all sorts of new equipment in CoD but it just isn't the same. When playing Destiny , one gets the feeling that we're only scratching the surface, and that tip of the iceberg is already a heady experience. Imagine what Bungie will do over the course of the next few years to build upon that experience…

As great as the multiplayer will almost undoubtedly be in Advanced Warfare , it'll still feel somewhat old-fashioned to me. The future is freedom-oriented, persistent-world competition and we're seeing exactly that with Destiny . The bottom line is that with one game, I glimpse the future; with the other, I see a spruced-up version of an old-fashioned form of multiplayer competition.

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