Okay, so it's not Heavenly Sword 2 . But we're still excited!

At Gamescom today, developer Ninja Theory revealed their new IP, which will grace the PlayStation 4 before any other console: Hellblade .

They provided anticipatory gamers with a great teaser during the show, and then offered a few compelling statements at the Ninja Theory website :

"Ninja Theory is defined by three things: ninja-class melee gameplay, strong character stories and a unique art vision. On Hellblade, we will double down on what we do best to give you a deeper character in a twisted world with brutal, uncompromising, combat. We are embracing the creative spirit that comes with independence without letting go of the stunning production values that we are known for. It’s not indie, it’s not AAA. This is a third way. It's independent AAA."

The team added that it's still "very early" in the creation process, but they're "inviting you to join every step of the way." In other words, we should see frequent updates on this bad boy. Can't wait to learn more!