Kano has received a serious cybernetic upgrade, hasn't he?

One of the original Mortal Kombat fighters always had that red eye, which could melt his opponents with a well-aimed laser. For the new MK entry, though, Kano has had a lot of work done.

Creative director Ed Boon says Kano's three fighting styles are: Cutthroat (slice 'n dice), Cybernetic (eye laser included) and Commando (close-quarters bashing). This guy even has a glowing cybernetic heart in Mortal Kombat X …maybe Shang Tsung can rip it out and drain its battery or something. At any rate, you can check out Kano in action in the freshly released Gamescom gameplay video.

Kano joins Raiden, Scorpion and Sub-Zero as returning characters, and the developer has also revealed fresh combatants in the form of the insect woman D'vorah, the bizarre Ferra/Torr, and the Aztec god Kotal Kahn. It'll be the most epic throwdown yet!

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7 years ago

Now if only they would announce a release date.

7 years ago

Did he just shoot a freakin' laser through her head?! Win!