As there is no official source connected tot his report, don't take it for gospel.

But it certainly sounds plausible: According to Insiderp , The Last Of Us: Remastered sold at least 1.5 million units worldwide in its first 24 hours of availability.

We say "at least" because apparently, the leaked information says this only counts 70 percent of the retailers around the globe. However, if the number is even remotely accurate, it means this upgraded version of a 2013 masterpiece is the fastest-selling next-gen title to date. It's also interesting to note that about 1/4 of all tallied sales came from digital transactions on the PSN. Unsurprisingly, that special PS4 bundle featuring the game has sold quite well; 200,000 sold in North America and Europe.

This means the PS4 would be just shy of reaching 10 million sold worldwide, which isn't official but does sound feasible. And by the way, concerning TLoU, coulda sworn I predicted it would be the biggest PS4 system-seller yet …and maybe it is.

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