If you're in Europe and you're planning to download the upcoming Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition , you're gonna need a fair amount of hard drive space.

In fact, you'll need more than double the amount of space gamers in the US will require. This according to the product listings for each version on the PlayStation Store .

European consumers will need 58.4GB of space while US gamers will only require 26.1GB. This makes the Ultimate Evil Edition the biggest download yet for the PlayStation 4 in the European region, and this could be due to multiple language audio tracks. If you check the Euro PlayStation Blog , you'll see that some gamers are saying that pre-ordering the title brings up multiple downloads.

One download is for 20.5GB and that appears to just include the English tracks, while the other is 37.8GB, and it seems to include the European localization. Considering the size of the US download (26.1GB), this could be possible. But can audio tracks alone really take up that much space…? We'll let the tech-heads figure it out.

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