It's one of those games that was so bad it just couldn't be ignored.

And now, as announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition will hit the PlayStation 4 on August 12.

The game will offer a PlayStation-exclusive mode and even though we don't know what it is, developer Bossa Studios did offer a hint:

"All we CAN say is that it's something our community asked for. Daily. And we hate to disappoint. Our awesome (and twisted) dev team wanted to make sure that this newest version of the game was even more nightmare-inducingly fun."

This new version also includes the eye and teeth transplants and trolly mode from the iPad version, along with the original operating theater, ambulance, and space and alien spacecraft operations. The original game had absolutely horrid controls, which is a big reason why the title got so much attention. I mean, they were comically bad. For the PS4 iteration, hand movement and rotation has been mapped to the DualShock 4's left and right analog sticks, while the shoulder buttons control the fingers.

You can opt for the motion sensing if you want, but I'm betting that's not a good idea, despite this quote from the developers:

"Our playtesters were pleasantly surprised by how good this felt. It's quite an alien feeling at first, but it gives a lot of agility to the hand, so people tended to prefer it over the stick control once they got a feel for it."

Well, at least it's good for a laugh.