The time for Diablo III on the PlayStation 4 is nigh, so it's time for a few last-minute details.

You can find the latest batch of promising information over at the PlayStation Blog , where Blizzard Entertainment Production Director John Hight fills us in.

As part of this significantly upgraded Ultimate Evil Edition , there's a new Crusader class, the freedom to "explore endlessly" with the enticing Adventure Mode, and various console-exclusive features. There's the Apprentice Mode (for lower-level fighters to team up with higher-level players), the Nemesis system (monsters that kill your character go on to wreak havoc in your friends' games), etc. There's even exclusive content in the form of a Nephalem Rift, which was "inspired by The Last Of Us ."

They're calling this the "maxed-out version" of the game in question, as it boasts all the latest updates, the previously released Reaper of Souls expansion, and a host of other goodies. Oh, and don't forget that the PS4's architecture allows the developers to offer ongoing patch support. Good news everywhere!

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