Gamers are an awfully creative bunch.

And now, PlayStation fans can create their very own Gamer Masterpiece. As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , those interested in flexing their artistic muscles should visit this link .

There, you will use a new interactive tool that will let you craft your Gamer Masterpiece by selecting your favorite PlayStation characters, background elements and other aspects. When finished, they can upload an image of their own face as the final character to complete the painting. They can also share the creation via social media, and submit it to the PlayStation gallery for voting. If yours is one of the top 50 paintings submitted, you will receive a custom print of your Gamer Masterpiece; if you end up in the top 10, you'll get a new PlayStation 4!

Go ahead and give it a try.

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6 years ago

sounds like that could be a bit of fun

happy gaming