Okay, you won't get much out of this teaser video…or will you?

Activision has provided gamers with a 15-second vid that teases the fourth and final expansion pack for last year's Call of Duty: Ghosts .

It's just a montage of images that seem to represent score streaks. At the end, the first and last letters of "Ghosts" come into focus, forming the word "host." What that means, we have no idea, but perhaps you have a better idea.

Nemesis follows Onslaught, Devastation and Invasion and it'll retail for $14.99 unless you've got the Season Pass, which retailed for $49.99. There's no release date for Nemesis just yet but it's probably not far off, as evidenced by this teaser.

As usual, when it does drop, it'll be exclusive to Xbox platforms for one month.