Sony's PlayStation 4 is now out in the open and according to our latest poll, Microsoft ought to be a little concerned.

We asked gamers if the Xbox manufacturer should be worried about Sony's new console, and the results are obvious: The vast majority say that the PS4 is indeed a beast, which means – as one analyst said last week – that Microsoft needs to step up big time.

While there is some argument over whether or not the architecture of the new PlayStation lets the machine qualify as a "beast," there's no doubt that the presentation went over relatively well. With an obvious focus on targeting the largest audience possible, plenty of games on display, and some surprises ( Diablo III on PS4 , for instance), the PS4 is shaping up well early on. We still need a release date and price for the console, although the launch estimate is "Holiday 2013." In the meantime, we'll have to see what Microsoft announces; according to various sources, the Xbox 720 could be revealed in April .

So how do you think Sony did unveiling the PS4? Is it everything you expected it to be? Or are you somewhat disappointed? Let us know.