BioWare understands the necessity of sexual equality in this day and age.

That's why the new Dragon Age will feature straight, bisexual and gay character romances. During the developer's Gaymer X2 panel last week, lead writer David Gaider made it plain that there's no need to compromise:

"In Inquisition we got the go ahead to include a lot more total romances, so the decision was made that we don’t need to compromise. So we are going to have straight romances, alongside bisexual romances, alongside gay romances. I thought that was pretty important because those are different stories to tell.

That being said, certain characters will only be able to forge relationships with either male or female characters. Each virtual individual will have a specific story and as such, sexual orientation will be written into the game. Of course, it'll be up to the player to determine which relationships to pursue, which is part of the freedom of a modern-day role-playing game.

If you'd like to listen to more on the subject, here it is: