Not everyone wants to play in 60 frames per second, believe it or not.

While most agree it's better for the gameplay, it can negatively affect the cinematics, and the latter is a critical aspect of The Last Of Us .

So, you'll get a choice: As noted over at the PlayStation Blog , players will have the option of locking 30 frames per second in The Last Of Us: Remastered . The game typically runs in 60fps at 1080p, but it's not for everyone, right? Having the option is nice, at any rate.

In other news, we've learned from a Game Informer hands-on preview that our saves won't transfer over between PS3 and PS4. The Trophy set is entirely separate as well, even though the actual list is exactly the same. As for the frame rate issue, I think I'll leave it at 60 just to see the differences.

How about you?

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