A sequel should be all about improvements, yes?

Well, one of the biggest improvements we'll find in the upcoming Far Cry 4 will be the game's multiplayer mode. In Far Cry 3 , there was the campaign, dedicated co-op missions, and competitive multiplayer. But it was really only the campaign that truly shined.

Ubisoft won't make the same mistake again, though. Narrative director Mark Thompson called FC3 a "missed opportunity," and the game should've had open-world co-op action:

"It’s just two players. The whole idea was that Far Cry 3’s open-world was a lot of fun. We knew we were going to rebuild that design philosophy in Far Cry 4’s open-world, but we realized at the end of Far Cry 3, open-world co-op was a missed opportunity."

He said that early on during development for FC3, they decided to do a separate co-op mode, but it was before they realized the power of the open-world experience. So, when they started on the sequel, one of the first things the team focused on was how to implement proper co-op. After creating a prototype, Thompson said it was a matter of "building on it and building on it."

That should make the co-op fanatics happy, but they all might be knee-deep in Destiny by the time Far Cry 4 comes out in November. Just sayin'.

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