If you haven't picked up the PlayStation 4 yet, here's a great excuse to nab one.

GameStop currently has a special sales option that highlights Ubisoft's blockbuster Watch Dogs , which released at the end of May and ended up selling over 4 million copies in a very short span of time.

If you purchase the standard PS4 system, you'll get a copy of the aforementioned game for only $9.99, which means the total cost of the acquisition would only be $410 (plus tax). Watch Dogs still holds a regular retail price of $59.99, so you're saving over $50, and that's not a bad deal. This sale ends after July 27 so shake a leg if you plan on taking advantage. Thus far, this is a PlayStation-only deal; no word on whether or not GameStop will have the same deal for the Xbox One.

If you haven't done so already, feel free to check out our Watch Dogs review .

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