Video game characters are looking more and more human with every passing year.

Just take a gander at the latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, called "Behind the Scenes: Animation and Art Direction." Developer Sledgehammer Games is teasing some pretty wacky visuals.

Art director Joe Salud is quite pleased with what his team has been able to accomplish, especially concerning the facial performances:

"Because our subject matter is very advanced and technical, and we're kind of peering into the future, we did whatever it took to make the game look as photorealistic as possible. The first thing the gamer's going to notice when they see our facial performances, they're going to wonder, like 'It looks like it's on TV!' And then they're going to realize, 'Oh my god, that's a game.'"

Animation director Christopher Stone added that they've gone to great lengths to ensure that each character looks entirely believable. He says they're "building a whole separate character skeleton on top of the character animation to be able to see all those articulated parts and things moving as he's running." Perhaps most compelling is when Stone said this isn't necessarily the experience you've come to expect from Call of Duty .

In fact, he firmly believes Advanced Warfare is going to "blow people away." Well, what do you think?

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Nas Is Like
Nas Is Like
8 years ago

Way too late, if you ask me.

Activision is just now starting to wake up, it seems. And all it had to take was the sales for Ghosts to drop from the previous CoD installments.

8 years ago

I just watched a good part of the CoD footage shown from XO's e3. It does look really nice. Feels generationally better from a CoD on last gen to now.